AI will change software development forever

AI will drastically change the way we development software. Our vision is to use AI to develop software faster then ever before.
Phase 1 - 2023

Building the platform

To integrate AI most effectively, we need a new software development process. Our goal is to build a platform that allows developers and AI to work together.
Phase 2 - 2023

The ultimate infrastructure

GitHub Codespaces, StackBlitz flow and many others are making it possible to start coding in seconds by bringing the development environment in to the cloud. We plan on using that technology to enable our developer to start coding on your project in seconds.
Phase 3 - 2024

Optimize for AI use

We want the AI to help the developer as much as possible. This will require a lot of testing and training to find the best way to implement AI into our software development process.
Phase 4 - 2025

Assign first task to AI

We believe some tasks like changing a background color or fixing a typo don't need to be done by humans and should be done by AI.